It’s Not “One Size Fits All”

There is a lot of talk about carbon capture and storage as well as significant pressure for many companies to look at this as an option to offset their carbon emissions. But what exactly is it? How does it work? There are some fears around the unknown; especially for those who are being compelled to action quickly. We understand. To help out, we’ve pulled together our resources and expertise to offer explanations to some of your biggest questions about carbon capture and storage.


Carbon Capture Technology isn’t new…

In fact, it’s been around for decades. And is relatively simple! While Carbon Capture and Storage might sound like an innovative concept, it uses existing and well proven technologies in new and innovative ways. Let us show you how it works…

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Direct Air vs Point Source Capture. What’s right for my facility?

There are two main types of carbon capture technologies offered today. The only difference is where the carbon is being pulled from – sucked out of the atmosphere or pulled directly from flue stacks. Each comes with it’s own technical applications, footprint, and costs.

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Direct Air Capture

Carbon Credits 101

For more than a decade, the world has met its climate commitments primarily by offsetting CO₂ and other greenhouse gas emissions by purchasing “credits” from projects that avoid or reduce emissions. These can vary in price per tonne of CO₂ equivalent. The money the project makes from selling credits is used to pay for the cost of implementing and maintaining the project over time.

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Negative Carbon. What is it and how do I benefit?

This means removing CO₂ from the atmosphere or sequestering more than is emitted. Currently, reducing or removing emissions will not take us to net-zero. Carbon-negative approaches – removing CO₂ from the atmosphere – is the only path to a Net-Zero world.

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